Marriage Licenses

Applying for a Marriage License in Tyringham

If you plan to marry or want to obtain your marriage license in Tyringham, you need to call the Town Clerk at (413) 243-1749 to schedule an appointment as Marriage Intentions are only done by appointment.

There is a $20 application (intention) fee that can be paid with Cash or Check (made out to Town of Tyringham) only. The fee includes entering the Notice of Intention of Marriage, issuing the marriage license, and providing the couple with one certified copy of the marriage certificate after it is recorded. 

Both partners need to come together in person to complete the application (intention) and you are required to provide I.D. as noted above in MGL Chapter 2017 Section 33A.

Certified copies of your license will be made available once I receive the signed license from the party solemnizing your wedding.

Important things to note

Once the application has been accepted by the Town Clerk, there is a three day waiting period before you receive the actual license. You will not receive your license the day you come to apply unless you obtain a court order for Marriage without Delay. 

Once you apply for your marriage license, you have 60 days to wed or you will need to reapply.